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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

What is Progressive anyway? 1/5 - POP

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Long time ago (that is how it feels), when I was still a teenager I often spend my time with a friend listening and talking about music. My favorite artists at the time were Madonna and Kim Wilde (UK) and I had all their albums. My friend and I would record songs from the radio, and when we met we could spend hours going through the latest tracks.

Then there was the 2 year younger brother... He would some times join us, but for some reason he never really got into our music. One day he brought a tape which had a recording of Van Halen's “Why can't this be love”. The song is is more or less straight and uncomplicated guitar rock. We thought "BLASPHEMY! This is Heavy Metal“ and swore we would never, ever get close to like that kind of music......but the damage was done.

Half a year later we were all addicted to rock and the lighter side of Heavy Metal.

One thing the 3 of us had in common was our dislike of the extreme genres which we, at the time, associated with AC/DC, Iron Maiden and God forbid THRASH.


MAVIII said...

You bastard. How dare you "thrash" the extremes! hehe . . . hey, its MAVIII from Progulus, and I thought I'd share this "Essay" I wrote last year.
Its ALOT to read, but maybe you will find the familure with my discovery of the wonders of the music we love,
. . . RAP.


Sorry, Im an idiot when it comes to codes to get the link active :P

BG said...

Wow, that is a big chunk of text. Very interesting story you have to tell. I have only read 1/4 of it by now but will read the rest later, when I'm not at work.