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Monday, January 21, 2008

01011001 on

Today proved to be very interesting. I was basically having a fight, trying to concentrate on my work while paying attention to the tag board (chat) at Guess who won? Lets just say that tomorrow I will be in a big hurry to finish some of my stuff.

Other internet radios play the same music, some at a better level of quality, but none seem to capture the feeling of belonging to something, as well as For me, the board is the main attraction. It gives you a unique opportunity to chat about the songs while they are being played, and get to know like minded people (at least music wise). Some of the people using the board have a very broad knowledge about everything related to progressive rock and metal. So if you think you could need some advice in this area, a visit would be worth a lot (I promise).

The big subject of the day was of course Ayreon's new album, which have just been added to the list of requestables. Unfortunately (or fortunately if you don't like Ayreon) there is a limit to how often you can request a certain artist, album or song within a certain time frame, so I haven't heard all the songs yet. What I heard was either good or great, so I guess this is another ”must buy” for my collection. When I have had the albums for a couple of spins I will see if I can get time to put down a review.

Arjen Lucassen, who is the man behind the band (Ayreon), seems to be a really nice guy, at least when it comes to answering emails. Progulus listener popcorn_dracula got a really nice response to her email (link), and another fan reported she had gotten answers to two of her emails. It is so very nice when artists acknowledge their fans in this manner. Arjen deserves a lot of praise for this kind of attitude.


popcorn_dracula said...

Wasn't it fun to FINALLY hear some of the new album??!!! OMG I was too excited when I found the previews on Ayreon's myspace and on thier website!!

Then nearly fainted when I saw that we had it there on Progulus!!

I would love to do a reveiw, once I get a spin or 3 in too! In fact has some links to reviews already! we could add to them!!! heeheee

see ya on the tag board!

BG said...

Good idea to add the links. I will see if I can get time for that later today.

BTW, nice of you to give your comment...we would need many more of those from other people as well to make this site a success...

Yeah, see you on the board!

popcorn_dracula said...

There ya go! ;)

And BTW Arjen rules! :D