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Sunday, January 20, 2008


Nowadays setting up a blog is as easy as writing a shopping list. You just need to write down some basic information and off you go. Then comes the difficult but most important part: CONTENTS.

If you do not write, you have already wasted your time, unless you plan to become a blog designer.

So, first of all my main focus is not to waste my time. I have run blogs before, and my main problem was that I didn't have any specific goals about the direction of my writings. Eventually I felt I was going nowhere and I pulled the plug.

Lets start with some ideas on how to get this blog going...

  • Collaborative blogging. It would be cool to have more than one person participating with writing articles. I believe that would make things more diverse and interesting.
  • Band of the week. Write about the good and (hopefully not) bad things about a band and their music. The point would be to start a discussion through user comments.
  • Reviews. These can be very time consuming if they are done well.
  • Concerts. For family reasons I more or less never have the opportunity to go to concerts, but maybe readers (if any exists in the future) go and would like to share the experience.
  • Web site review. Write about any web site that has prog contents.
  • Other. If you read this, feel free to give more suggestions.


MAVIII said...

Hey BG,

THIS is a wonderful site and you
did a fantastic job with the "look"
much like our Proghead friend Neo with his MYwaste(page) page :D

I hope both of you have much success with your endeavors.

And I just LINKED your pages at Prog Archives (about Meshuggah):

See ya' at the Tag!

BG said...


Glad you like this site...and thanks for mentioning us at the archives