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Sunday, November 15, 2009

New Blog Layout

If you are reading this you would have noticed that I have changed the layout template of the blog. The new design is easier to maintain and expand and also looks more clean. It features 3 columns (except at the top of the page), which means you don't have to scroll so much to see the links and other stuff in the sidebar.

Hope you like it.

If not, let me know in a comment to this article.


guitarsean said...

Looks great! I like it!

stringray said...

I like the cleaner layout pretty much.
But the ytsejam/progarchives fields are messed up. :D
When I first saw it I thought that it isn't a good idea to give the main mission of the site ( our articles ) only 60% of the sites space because it looks so squeezed, and when you scroll down beyond the end of the linking sections all the space is unused. Gotta get used to it I bet.

oh, and it truncates pictures that are too big instead of resizing them in the browser. Is that maintainable?

BG said...

Hmm...seems I switched the ProgArchives and YtseJam feeds...fixed.

I will look into the picture problem.

And I sort of agree that the articles are more squeezed. I will try to expand the article a little more...when I get time.

BG said...

Ok...I did some fixing.

The main column is wider.

Ray, please check your photos. Do they look ok now?

This layout may not be the best if you have a low resolution, since its quite wide...if needed I could revert back to a 2 column layout....

Just let me know if any of you have issues with how things are looking now.

stringray said...

Wow! and.... BLUE SKY! Yeah! jk... yes the pictures are fine, thank you!

Zaii said...

ah, I am glad you made the border smaller and gave us some sky. Nice job BG.