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Friday, July 10, 2009

Music is Music

A friend of mine asked me today why people thought it was weird that he listens to Iron Maiden, Eminem, and Ziggy Stardust all in a row. Apparently it's not acceptable to have wide-ranging tastes anymore, and people are supposed to be defined by their musical genres of choice. Metal, classical, jazz, prog - all of these carry stereotypes as being very elitist and condescending towards anything that's not part of that particular genre.

Now personally, I enjoy a huge variety of music myself, but I rarely find myself listening to something other than prog or metal - occasionally rock, pop, jazz, or classical, but rarely. Not that that's all I enjoy, that's just what I enjoy most. I mean, I guess it is considered strange that someone would listen to such a variety of music, but it shouldn't be. Because people like different types of music. Some people like Pantera. Some don't. Some people like Coldplay. Some people like Suffocation. Some people like Pink Floyd, some people like Koyaanisqatsy, some people like Consiorzoacquapotabile, some people like Metallica. Different people listen to different things for different reasons. As for me personally, I enjoy to various extents all of those bands. PF, Suffo, CAP, and Koyaa in particular more than the others - and this is just the rock/metal/prog end of the equation.

Although I really, seriously fucking hate it when people (especially girls) say that "they listen to everything". No they don't. The spectrum of music is NOT just the modern rock/hip-hop/pop from the second half of the twentieth century that you hear on the radio. I can honestly say that I like (or at least can appreciate) almost all types of metal (black metal's a bit tough), extremely different forms of prog, folk music, the blues, showtunes, avant-garde music, various types of jazz, "classic rock", modern hard rock to a limited degree, funk, hip-hop, bluegrass, soul, gospel, zydeco, polka, mariachi, a LOT of classical (which really composes about 99% of the music ever written), psychedelic rock, disco, post-rock, REAL pop (not bubblegum pop), and I'm even warming up to country a little bit. I don't make the claim that I actually listen to each genre on a regular basis, but I at least like them all. Music is music, and there's really no point in trying to find "the best and only the best", because it's all a matter of personal taste. I'm not really picky at all. I'm like that with hanging out, with video games, with deciding what clothes to wear, with music, with food, whatever. Whatever the choices are, I don't care - I'll find at least some enjoyment in each of them. That's not to say I don't have preferences, because I definitely do, and there are some bands/genres/foods I really don't like at all.

But if somebody says "I listen to everything", you best give me your favorite folk metal band, your favorite funk band (and which era too, most funk bands had a LOT of revolving members), your ideal jazz sextet, be able to distinguish between the genres of classical music, discuss your favorite instrumental timbre, which era of technical death metal you like better, define "post-rock" and "djent", your favorite minstrel singer, enjoy the accordion, and be able to have an opinion on whether serialism is really music or math.

^ THAT's listening to "all types" of music, not the fucking bullshit that people claim it is. Remember kids, not all music is on the radio, by a long, long shot. Granted, some music on the radio is good - some music on it is GREAT. I'm not at all ashamed to admit I'm a fan of Creed, Coldplay, Alter Bridge, Muse, T-Pain, and a number of others. But for some reason people are always afraid to try out new music if it doesn't fit in their preconceived notion of simple 3 minute pop songs. Or their preconceived notion of UBER BROOTUL HEVY METLZ, or of long, atonal, complex 20 minute epics.

People are just too unwilling to think outside the box just for one second and try to appreciate music for what it is, rather than trying to slam it for what it's not. I can't tell you how many times I've facepalmed reading reviews that say "I usually listen to really obscure death metal like Destroyer 666 and Lykathea Aflame, but this Sigur Ros album sucks, it's all 'pretty' and not heavy and it's not TEH BROOTULZ". And it's the same on the other side of the coin. "Death metal sucks blah blah, that's not even music just random shit and noise." Death metal is one of the most complex musics out there and to blatantly INSULT it like that is just fucking WRONG, as in both morally and factually incorrect. The same thing with ignorant prog nerds who think that everything popular is automatically shit and that songs have to be long with 6453524 million time signature changes to be good. No. That's not how it is. Hell, I'm sure most prog bands don't even think that way. I'm sure for the most part Dream Theater don't go into the studio thinking "this part has to be in 7/4, this part has to have a G#sus4add9 chord, the melody for this part is too catchy, let's change that..." No, I'm pretty sure they just head in the studio, jam out on some riffs and try to construct a song that sounds good - whether it's "truly progressive" or "breaking new ground" be damned. A good song is a good song.

But not everybody is open minded. People will have likes and dislikes. And personally, almost nothing gives me more enjoyment than recommending people music they haven't heard before and them enjoying it. But there's a responsibility that goes with it, you can't just introduce a casual listener to a band like Sigh, and you can't just introduce a death metal listener to polka music. Small steps, and that's what genres are for. But music is music. And even if you're a death metal listener, you can't expect growls and blastbeats in your polka album. Because there's a fucking huge variety of music out there, and to expect it all to fit within your little preconceived notions is stupid.

I'm not saying everybody should be super-open minded all the time, and I'm not saying that all music is automatically good, but there's a give and take with it that needs to be acknowledged far more often. If you enjoy Daft Punk, Eminem, Count Basie, Iron Maiden, Sigur Ros, Mr. Bungle, Blind Lemon Jefferson, Koyaanisqatsy, and Ziggy Stardust at the same time, awesome for you - you've got an appreciation for well-crafted, well-performed music, no matter the genre or what anyone expects of you. More people should listen to music the like that, and actually I think a lot would, they just haven't been exposed to things that would really challenge and intrigue their ears. Remember kids, music CAN be entertainment, and that's fine - but it can also be an experience, whether a song be 3 minutes long, 6 minutes, 12 minutes or 50 minutes. A lot of people forget that.

Update on the sabbatical coming soon guys. :] Rant over.

"There are only two types of music - good music, and bad music" - Frank Zappa


guitarsean said...

Well said young man. I think this should be a message for those of us who do understand what you're saying to not give people a free pass. If someone says to me "I like all music" my reply should always be "Really... what about..." Not that I want to pick fights but maybe its's a way to break people away from the radio.

On the flip side I don't think it's a problem for someone not to like some kind of music as long as they have a better reason than "I don't hear that on the radio."

Simon said...

This is why musicians like Devin Townsend are so wonderful. Devin plays the widest range of music I have ever come across, with his ultra heavy stapping young lad project through to his ambient chill out music with "The Hummer", his most recent album being relaxed, slow (for the most part) rock, and the entirely synthesised, bonus disc for Acceleerated Evolution. It is a shame that with each release he has to say "This record will probably not be enjoyed by xxxx listeners" because of it being too heavy or too soft. Let the fans listen to it and make up their own mind! The same goes for Ayreon's universal migrator; Arjen originally released it as two seperate discs - one for the prog rock fans, one for the metal fans. Thank goodness he reneged on that idea and released all as one so that we could listen to the full work!

Simon said...

Just perusing Votum's myspace and read this:
"The merging of music, lyrics and visual art work, as well as the ensuing emotional expression, have been the key concepts for the creation of the new album. Our main concern is not any particular style of music, but the atmosphere pouring out of it."

Well said, I say.

BG said...

When people say "I listen to everything" it basically means (with some exceptions) "I have the radio on and listen to whatever it plays".

For those who really mean "everything" perhaps this would be a better phrase: "I am open to every kind of music"

T-Bo said...

I remember reading a very recent interview with Devin where he summed up my thoughts perfectly. He said that for example, listening to metal is like eating steak. Now, I love steak, it tastes great. But I don't want to have steak every day, for breakfast, lunch and dinner, constantly, you know? Every once in a while I don't feel like steak - I want to eat cereal, or fruit, or chicken, or whatever. And that doesn't diminish my appreciation of steak at all, it's just that I really don't want to be eating it CONSTANTLY.

Really, this is about more than just music. Casual food-eaters don't eat steak all the time constantly. Casual movie-watchers don't only watch comedies, they watch whatever is well-reviewed or recommended by their friends. But it's not like that with music. For some reason if it's a band nobody has ever heard of, they're not worth anyone's time.

I realize a big part of it is that a lot of these bands aren't readily available on the radio but even in situations that you can readily show them a myspace, a youtube video, a free download even, but people never check it out. That's just not fair to musicians and music lovers. And these casual music listeners are usually the ones to make the claim that they have a wide variety of tastes, when really they've never formed their own taste and let others form it for them. I'll use food and movies as another example - I don't like fish. It's readily available and I've given it a try, and sometimes I eat it but generally I don't like it. And I don't like chick flicks either. And so I've kind of formed my own tastes in food and movies even though I'm only a very casual fan of both. Well, I'm a big fan of food, but then who isn't? ;]

But when it comes to music, it's completely different. The radio completely dictates your taste in music and people don't make any kind of choice.

A lot of it also can be blamed on the recording/radio/music journalism industry that's unwilling to put a real variety of music out there, or even good music that happens to be performed by people without rockstar looks. There are certain bands that should be absolutely HUGE (Porcupine Tree as a notable example) but aren't, simply because of the fickle image-based industry. Now don't get me wrong, Steve Wilson is a nice-enough looking guy, but is he going to be the next teen sensation? Absolutely not.

stringray said...

You cannont lump together all people alive, T. It all depends on the personal interest in music for each of his own.

Most people use music simply as an ambient for their life. They listen to everything radio has to offer, because radio is accessible almost everywhere. For their time 'on the road' they fill their mp3 players with whatever the web has to offer for free, legal or not. The ones who produce the music are totally equal to them, they don't want to do the effort of deciding if some tune is good or not. They use music for sonic texturing, nothing else is important to them. - My niece for example needs to have the tv on for studying. She says she can't concentrate when there's silence.

Then there are the ones who support one single genre, or sub-genre mostly. They call everything else crap. Pretty narrow minded and one can only hope that they do think over the edge a bit more in other aspects of life.

The next group is the people who have a couple of genres and styles on their list. They mostly are tolerant to music ousid their borders, but will not buy anything that goes a tad beyond of their limits and will stand still within one or two decades. I've been to so many parties where people thought Psycho Chicken ist the best tune in the world and will ever be. The band's next album was a bit different, so the band wasn't acceptable anymore. Other music is ok, but nothing for my place...

We, you, me, our progfriends belong to the ultimate minority. We definately live for the music and can find a good aspect in every genre - if we just try. What genres did I go through? Classical, Beat, Pop, Rock, Jazz, Prog, Electronica, World Music, Fusion, Funk, Disco, etc.... Yes, I even have some of the roots Techno and House in my shelf.
I am old enough to sit back in my chair and prog on, whether modern one or vintage prog. But still I can't get enough of something new. But what we do is specializing ourselves in music. It's our life, our hobby and for some a profession. Watch out, how many people in the world do you know who could go your way?

You can find great buddies and close friends in any of the above dscribed groups. Music isn't that important, there are other things in life that are even more important.

Somehow all people in this world listen to and make music. Our ethnical differences create different styles and fashion does the rest. Be glad they all do their part because you do profit.

[epic comment: end]

MAVIII said...

(All that you read are just the facts... to me, my own "opinions" so don't think I will be starting to go across America and the World burning down Homes of "Decenters", but boy, talk about how fun that would be :D!)

Forgive me,
I have been wanting to comment on this for quite awhile, but life has been kicking me in the ass of late and trying to genuinely smile through it all is my nature. Even though "I've made my Bed..." and sadly take responsibilities for stupid mistakes, I am a very logical person fot the most part.
I usually hold my anger inside, but the older I get, the more of an "Old Fart" I become and I get cranky, but at-the same time, I want everyone to get along, but like Radio and the Media telling us "Proggers" what is Hip and Cool to make US feel "cool", it gets under my skin...

But when people start dictating what music "is" or what it means to "me", thems are fightin' words!:P

So forgive me that I'm in this onry mood, and forgive me when I say all I have to say in these rants.

But 1st-Ray, you are a PrOg Brother and have been a kind person to me personally, Unless you were talking about those "friends" in the last lines of your Comment: "Music isn't that important, there are other things in life that are even more important."
5 things I can not live without, friends, family, food, art, music.
And each change order from moment to moment, like life. You can be doing something that sustains your life while doing another, and that "other" maybe helping your life by adding a stimulus, a positive reinforcement on your life, your "life" IS important because it feeds the mind, body and soul.

If you could walk in my shoes for a week, and if my music was taken away from me and forbidden, as being on the road with my Walk-man and Wallet full of CD's, I would live but it would be a half-life.
All I would dwell on is the negitivity my surroundings and people dump on me, my escape, the soothing and positive reinforcement from the words or music (Be it aggressive, atmospheric or melodic to fit my everchanging moods) are what keeps me going, it is important. I can not go into a "FYE Music Store" and complacently listen to the "required" crap they play on the monitors before wanting to yell out "WHAT THE FUCK!!!?"
But logic tells me, "no, find what youre looking for and get the hell out...NOW! (plus, I don't want people to know I'm going insane and feel "One of my turns comin' on"). I can not "Just tune it out", sorry, music is sacred to me, this so-called music is desicrating it.
Before anyone thinks this is too elitist, think of Porcupine Tree and "The Sound of Muzak" or any other Band or Song that touches on the same opinions... I'm not alone in these thoughts ;).


MAVIII said...


We know T-Bo, talking with him over the years, logic should point out that he is not "Lumping everyone together in the World" as an ignorant bastard :P
And proof is what he said, us
"Proguli" and the like (and his knowledge of various Music), we Proggers are different. But if we few on the station can be opened minded to other musics, you gotta' figure their are 20 in your area, if their are 30 there, there must be 50 more farther and so on. Maybe at the Concert you went to, or the one going through the isle of your fave Record Store saying the samething you say, "Why isn't someone looking here in the Kansas section"? They are out there.

...But those aren't the people selling you Cell Phones, Car commercials, the latest Michael Jackson Gossip, the shit pumped through your local Mall and those Phone commercials by the way will probably have some sampled Hip-Hop scratching than some interesting Guitar riffage (Once there was a short lived McDonalds commercial that had a Steve Vai clone ripping some fine guitar solos, needless to say, it didnt stay on air for long).

We know T is talking about the "Majority", the wankers who want to pigeon-hole and point at us saying: Weird, Nerd, Hippie, Corny, Pretentious and whatever buzz word that makes them feel superior.
"If youre happy to live in a sandbox, youre welcome to it!"
-Forbidden/"All there is"

Most people are closed minded, its a fact of course, how? break down all the people who and steal money from good people without thinking/caring about the consequences, fanatics that use their "beliefs" to bring harm to others, then justify it by saying "You do the same to our children, so we will kill you!", Keep people in a box of Fear. All in "The name of God" (if you believe or not. But thats NOT God, thats an interpitation, if you inforce what you percieve on others with violence, you made your own God, Don't blame "it", look in the mirror) an endless paradox of nonsence for what, to be RIGHT.
...I may be wrong but :P

We need the balance and counter balance to see where we stand, to help others see there is more to life, and we're lucky that PrOg talks about all those things, Punk and Metal also, and many Alternative groups.
All these genres at times can be the "Folk Music" of our generation. Screw radio and the excuse "I can't find any good music", LOOK FOR IT.
Many of my LP's and early CD collection was found by "Taking a chance", taking the time to discover, I still do. You must take time for yourselves people, explore your surroundings, smell the roses. It's a benefit for life, and it will be reflected on all around you, just don't go spending un-wisely ;)
"This affliction, an addiction, isn't free, nonono no!"
-Kings X/"Broke"

That phrase is notorious:
"I listen to all kinds of Music".
A guy I know at a Print Shop said that to me once. Yet all I hear him listen to is the same "BAD" Techno-something or other, I say Bad because it litterally had samples of annoying sounds that did not change tempo or change sound FX, it was more annoying than working at building a Skyscraper with a Crane and a Giant Jackhammer putting in the Steel Beams into the ground! (Now I can say I'm not a big fan of the music, but I have heard some really good Techno/Electronica Bands).
And the other stuff he listens to is Metallica "Master of Puppets/And Justice for All" and Lamb of God. Thats it.
I tried to have him listen to PrOgulus, or a Band I had on a CD, "What? Oh, I wasn't paying attention" :P


MAVIII said...


What are the the chances I will hear Meshuggah blaring out of a Car, or even Billy Holiday, Alan Holdsworth, Savatage, Genesis, John Coltrane?
No its BFF BFF BFF BFF BFF or "Look at me, see what I see, sucking on a lolipop like she want a piece of me" or "I Dios Mio, No mi Cante por MiooOO!!!" or "Two of hearts, two hearts that beat as one, III-I-I need I need you" or the classic Subwoofing BOOM- BOOM- BOOM- BA-baba- BOOM- BOOM- BOOM- BOOM!!!
I'm lucky if I hear Jazz, a Classic Rock song or Classical Music, and maybe Metal blaring out the windows. But that Jazz is "Slow Jazz", Led Zeppelin, Beethovens 5th and a Emo/Screamo Band or Metallica :/

Yes, I agree with T as well, the Femme PrOguli are THEE exception, girls just are a rare breed that can name a Band that hasn't appeared on MTV or Top 40 Radio. Or they're at your Prog or Metal Concert (Where the heck are they when the show is over!?).
Then there are the ones that can not go beyond a certain time of genre (or concieve that there is more than Ratt!) Male or Female, "I love Metal; I love HAIR Bands; Guns and Roses are awesome!... what? "Who's an Athiest? Iron Maiden, theyre too heavy, Queensryche? Aren't they a Hair Metal Band?..."
Or the Prog favorite:
Who are Yes? "(sigh)... do you remember the song, (sings) Owner of a Lonely Heart?"- OH YEAH! I LOVE YES!!! (as if it were a Band wrote 1 song and had every track repeated over and over on every album :P).
Radio will Play:
"Dust in the Wind", "Portrait- He Knew", "Point of Know Return" and "Carry On" and Kansas will be celebrating 35 Years...
How many Albums do they have?
Yet the joke is, Kansas; Styx, REO Speedwagon and Journey are the SAME band...WTF:P

...Take that same assesment to a Rush "fan", their are many of them that think they are the only one to create that type of music. You try to have them listen to a Dream Theater, or a Porcupine Tree and they'll say "It sounds like Rush" or the just as ignorant, "Rush is better than that crap" (Please note, I'm a Rush FANATIC and I'm thinking, that doesn't even make any sense, how about "I just dont care for it").

Then you have the supposedly "smart" Rush fans saying this, right from a regular of "Rush is a Band .com:
"Metal, to me, just conjures up images of Aquanet, debauchery, leather, and screechy vocals- Rush is way above that (at least everything but the last part ;)"
People who have opinions yes, but try thinking "is that really what metal is, when I don't really listen to any?" before putting that opinion to print.
Like the endless "Professional" Critics in Magazines who clearly don't like Heavy Metal/Thrash yet have to review the Genre and slam an album, again, an opinion is one thing, but an educated opinion that has a basis to stand on is more responsible-what? You say who can read/listen to everyting, well thats the point, you don't like a genre for the sake of you NEVER listen to it, DON'T REVIEW IT, but if you are open minded to everything, please explain why it does or doesn't move you.

The Band Rush have said numerous times about many DIFFERENT genres of Bands, "They remind us of when we were young and hungry" or "I have been listening to these guys alot", so you would think the Fans would HEAR that and learn something. Rush back in the "Perminant Waves" days were interviewed by a guy that said (paraphrasing): "What do you guys think about this New-Wave/ Minimalist Music coming out?"
The guys looked like he all the sudden had 2 heads (even though the interview had been going well and to his credit, the Interview was a good one till...), Neil then spoke up confidantly and said, "We don't think the music is minimalistic at all"... a pause, and then they all laughed, Geddy then said, "Bands like the Police, Ultravox, U2 and I have been listeng alot to the Talking Heads, can be very complex in their structure".


MAVIII said...


Musicians know whats up for the most part (yes, their are many exceptions but...), Like the Young and Old Fuck-tards on YOUtube commenting on useless debates/arguments, who's better at this or that, "I Can do this better" or "He missed a beat" or "So and so is better than this guy". The People/Bands I see them criticizing or comparing or saying this band is better than this...
The Band themselves LISTEN to those Bands! or they're friends of the Band, or they listen to all kinds of music and influences! WAKE UP PEOPLE!
And those Bands are performing, have record contracts, producing CD's... WTF are you doing? And when you do make it, their will be someone saying the E-X-A-C-T thing about YOU.

Metal, Prog, Rap, Jazz or whatever isn't the be all end all, listen to it ALL, take what you like but make yourself a well rounded person, as you would seeing the World and looking at other cultures!
"Better people, better food, and better beer, Why move around the World, when eden was soo near"

A Rush Concert has its hypocrates as well, I can remember the Vapour Trail Tour at the Hollywood Bowl, I swear to you throughout the show, I saw at-least 500 to a Thousand people either talking or smoking away from the Seats, Eating at the Cafe's than "Watching" the Band.
Can it be that these "Rush Fans" are just here to do something or be "Cool" cuz look at me, I'm at a quirky bands Concert.
In-turn, I think it came back to the Band on stage, the energy wasn't receptical... fricken' LA.

All you guys had soo many good points, it shows each of us that there ARE people that think outside the box, that we have many influences to pick from to make us understand the subtleties of Prog.
For me, I love all kinds of music except for Post 80's Country (for the most part); Disco; Hip-Hop/Rap; Post 80's Top 40 and Screamo/Emo Rock/Metal, Nu Metal, Post/Punk- Lite and Reggae, thats about it, I'm open to just about anything else.
Yet what do a few friends say to me, "Tony, you need to listen to other music than that (a outrageous Cookie Monster imitation) RARRR-ARRARRR-oooohhhRAAAHH!!!"
So what your telling me is you listen to Progressive Rock; Prog Metal; Math Metal; Power Metal; Thrash; Death Metal; Celtic; Folk; Pre-80's Country; Pre-80's R&B, Rock-a-Billy, Hell-Billy, Pre-80's Pop; Classical; Classic and Contemporary Vocalists; Jazz; Funk; Fusion; Cumbias; Salsa; Bandera; Latin Jazz; Latin Folk; Industrial; Ambient; Experimental; Avante Garde; Alternative Pop; Punk; Ska; Soundtracks; World Music on and on and on ...why is there always someone that has to "think" they know you and put you in a box, label it and send it off with a kick, ready for the next box to fill? Yet they themselves know of nothing about other genre's.
"Music" is something to wash dishes to. I find myself "stopping" whatever I'm doing and entranced.

Prog fills all the gaps for me, there are so many facets of the music, so many sub-genres, that it satisfies my cravings, but that doesn't mean I wont break out a Peter Murphy, Tori Amos, Goldfrap, or a Sting CD, but I know I can reach into "My" collection, and depending what shelf, and will hold a different World for me to delve into, explore, and learn a new. And I'll hear about, read a Trade Mag, see a Late Night Variety Show and be enlightened on something I wasn't expecting.


MAVIII said...

Part 5 Epilogue(finally)

Where are the People who are open to it all (or at-least Most)? We just need a alot more because variety gives learning, to learn is to be open to new ideas, from there people can look at others and accept their differences, cultures, ideas, opinions, yet take them or leave them...
But have the respect, humility, ethics and logic to our differences to coexist.

"Imagine all the people, sharing all the World..."
-John Lennon

"My opinion is just a Point of View, and your position, is the otherside"
-Fates Warning

"Take a walk outside myself
In some exotic land
Greet a passing stranger
Feel the strength in his hand
Feel the world expand

I feel my spirit resist
But I open up my fist
Lay hand over hand over
Hand over fist"


Please all, Forgive me of the Angst, I know the "World is full of Kings and Queens who blind your eyes and steal your Dreams its Heaven and Hell" (...oh well :P).
We coexist with madness and if ONLY a song could bring people together. But AhmedIneedAjob wont change his ways by hearing a U2 song and share the culture of his people to lessen the Gap; Rolling Stone wont put Rush on its Cover; Death Metal will not have its own Catagory at the Grammy's and PrOg will have its own MTV Channel. I don't see it.
But there are more important things in our lives we, all over the World sacrifice and deal with. But if a few Iraqi's can put a Metal Band together, If an Israeli Prog Band can want to Coexist with "other" peoples of surrounding nations; If people under a Dictatorship of Venezuela can hope to Have Dream Theater come to their shores for a few hours of escape, then Prog can help us deal with the day to day, enrich new thoughts, like food and sleep or speaking to someone on a Chat Board Live...
"Communication"...then that's pretty important :)

Thank you for your indulgeance, tollerance and patients, and again forgive me of any anger, angst and stupidity and/or ignorance, I'm not that bright, I'm in the fix I'm in because I made it, but I don't mean to be rude or "know it all", just want everyone to understand each point of view.
YOU are the "Counter Balance".

"We can walk the road together, If our goals are all the same, We can run alone and free, if we persue a different aim, Let the truth of love be lighted, Let the love of truth shine clear, Sensibilty, armed with sence and liberty, With our heart and mind united in a single...
perfect, sphere."


PrOg On :)

All song lyrics are Copywronged.

BG said...

MAV. Would it be an idea to post your comments as a follow up article...then more people could benefit from your wisdom :)

MAVIII said...

I was originally gonna' do that, but didn't want to take away from The "King" T-Bo ;)
Give me a few days my good man :)
I'll do a little re-editing,