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Monday, October 6, 2008

My favorite game (not!) and old socks

The waiting game. The new Strange Land cd is done. Has been done for 3 months. I finished the art 2 months ago. A hearty thanks to MAV for the awesome logo that almost no one has seen yet.

When we set out to release this cd one of our goals was to have strong label support behind us. We thought that it would happen but, as they say, the ink isn't dry yet. I don't even feel like I can say which label we are talking to. I am hoping it will still happen. We have finally started exploring other options. Let this be an example that you should explore all your options, keep everything on the table.

This is a short post, but I just felt like venting my frustration. Its another example of the conundrum of having to treat art as business. And how irritating it can be to leave the fulfillment of your artistic vision in someone else's hands.

And I must confess my fascination with Antiques Roadshow on PBS. :) There is some guy on right now with socks from the Civil War. Holy crap! $2,000 for a pair of socks! I am rambling and I have so not gotten enough sleep lately. What the heck do old socks have to do with prog?


BG said...

I hope you find a label soon...waiting must really sock :)

guitarsean said...

:groan: Good one.

After feeling log-jammed things are at least happening. Not on the label front but we've gotten a spurt of new songwriting. Which could lead to the 4th cd being done by the time the 3rd comes out. But at least my frustration has been tempered.