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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Review: Second Society – All solutions are artificial

A short while ago I got in contact with one of my Childhood friends (seems that Facebook can actually be used for something). I also discovered that he has recently joined a Danish rock band as their bass player. So I thought that I would do him the favor of reviewing their latest album. Just one warning: This is not progressive rock/metal, but that does not stop me from reviewing it, since I am open to all sorts of music.

This is actually a difficult task. First of all my friend Lars Holmboe is...well…my friend and I would not like to write anything negative about him and his band activities. Secondly Second Society does not play the kind of music that I would normally listen to. So, since I am already rather biased, I will not rate the album on lets say a 0-10 grade scale, but just try my best to give a balanced view of my findings.

On the band’s MySpace page they name themselves a Danish PowerRock Band, and I agree in the sense that they are playing rock not heavy, death or other forms of metal, but the style is nevertheless powerful.

So what elements make this album stand out from the rest?

The first thing I noticed was that it is very well produced coming from such a relatively new and unknown band. I can already think of some other bands I listen to that would have benefited from the same production process. I feel that the resulting songs compliment each other well and belong on the same album, so yeah, it sound pretty much as if they know what they are doing and where they want to take their music.

The album takes the use of synth (in rock) to a new level. Where other bands mostly use keyboard synth as a way of creating a background for the songs, this band uses it more as a regular instrument, which is quite refreshing in this day where so many bands sound similar.

The Songs:

The album opens with the rocker “A New Dawn”, which quite well introduces the band and gives you an idea about the rest of the album: Fast guitars, synth and voice distortion. This would be one of the obvious single contenders (are people still buying singles?).

“The Waiting”: Not a bad rock song, but I find this to be the weakest track on the album. I find it a little too straight forward, although the last 3rd has a good heavy feeling to it.

Like the opener “The Only One” is synth driven, maybe a little too much for my taste, but I find this song has the most enjoyable drum patterns I have heard for a while (also compared to what I normally listen to).

“Devil With Two Hearts” is my favorite song on the album, and could be another choice for a single. The introduction of piano to this track makes everything more interesting, especially how it stands in contrast to an otherwise heavy track. This is probably the most diverse track on the album, which in my book also makes the best.

The album is closed with “Bring me the renegades” which is my other favorite track. The band here shows that they have an excellent rhythm section, which I feel could have been put to better use throughout the album.

Some criticism:

All band members play their instruments well, nothing there to put my finger on. Everything fits together like a well oiled machine. Unfortunately that is where I must criticize the most, the album has some great moments, but overall I find it a little mechanical, as if part of the album was recorded on autopilot. Simply put, I miss some more surprises. Voice distortion and piano helps a bit, but more range and complexity in the vocals and melody would have made the listener experience more enjoyable. A way to achieve this would be to break away from the “verse, chorus, verse in 3½ minute” formula on some tracks, which would force you to come up with some new and hopefully brilliant ideas. But all that would be for a future album, which I would surely take for a spin.

Dear band members, if you read this, please take my criticism with a grain of salt. As I usually listen to Progressive rock/metal I am used to music that often has a structure more similar to that of classical and jazz than to rock/pop, and I usually favor the more complex sides of music. But, for the style of music you play I find that you do more than a decent job.