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Sunday, March 30, 2008

What's the joke?

Just a small entry...

The poll currently featured on the Blog contains a practical joke.
Can anyone guess what it is ?

I am out of money, so no prices can be won...sorry :(


MVunit3 said...

. . . :hmm:

Days left to Vote or...
"What should a Prog Blog's main focus be about?"
Links to Prog resources (?)

That would be VERY odd as a "Main Focus".
Unless you are talking about the Giant Electric Penguin that keeps telling me to kill my roomates with sharp cheddar cheese(?).

. . . I don't notice anything unusual :P

BG said...

No...its not that subtle...actually you need some certain band knowledge to spot it.

arcarneiro said...

"all The Above", I think... :p

BG said...

You got it Arca !

Band: Transatlantic
Song:All of the above

stringray said...

Son I voted the focus of this blog should be just one tune?


MVunit3 said...

You suck Arca :grumble:...

Well at-least get him the Transtlantic album that he "already" has BG :P
hehehe (Bravo Arca Bravo!)


BG said...

I can request it for him on Progulus..

Arca, please listen to the station at 9 am for around half an hour + length of queue. to make that Finnish time!

arcarneiro said...

yay!!! I won!! I won!!! :D
but... I think I missed the request... :(